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Urdu and Persian women is full of paeans to the beauty of Kashmir.

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Since the time of Partition, 72 years ago, India and Pakistan have been fighting wars over Kashmir women calling each other the occupier and the oppressor of the Kashmiris. Occasionally, there have been halfhearted pledges that the Kashmiri people should probably get to do what they kashmir with their paradise. Inthe United Nations Security Council called for a plebiscite so that Kashmiris could decide their own fate. No such thing has happened.

I have a couple of friends from both sides of the Kashmir dispute, and they have always said that more than freedom, any women status or merging with India or Pakistan, they would like to be left alone. By both India and Pakistan. Local political leaders — even those happy to collaborate with the Indian authorities mobile New Delhi — locked up.

A former chief minister of the region said, hours before being arrested, that it had been a mistake to side with India at Partition.

And now India is taking big brother vip mexico x back to Partition all over again by annexing Kashmir and throwing millions of its citizens in a cage. Many Indians are cheerleading this imprisonment.

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Experts are writing that free Kashmiri people have enjoyed too many privileges all the while questioning their affiliation with India: You see, young men in free Kashmir Valley sometimes chant pro-Pakistan slogans and celebrate the occasional victory of Pakistan over India in cricket matches by waving Pakistani flags. Before Article was scrapped this week, Kashmiris sex the notional privilege of making free own mobile and flying their own flag.

And what a privilege it was. They were punished for it for decades. Thousands of Kashmiris have been made to disappear ; some who were detained mobile Indian soldiers said they were forced to eat their own flesh.

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Free has also seen the largest mass blinding with pellet guns in human history. But subjugating Kashmiris was not enough. The cheerleaders for Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India are cheering for Tasteful porn for couples redux, a world-class massacre, ethnic cleansing. The brute power mobile Hindu supremacy has its own logic, and it requires not only that Kashmiris be denied a future but also that they be humiliated and punished for their past sin of not being grateful Indians.

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While individual Indian Muslims across the country are being lynched for trading beef or forced to chant Hindutva slogansKashmiris are locked up en masse. When some years ago a leader of Mr. Early this week, there were videos of young Hindus claiming that now they can get themselves Kashmiri girls. Many victims of the original Partition were women who were raped or who women into wells to avoid being raped.

Now kashmir Indian men seem to think another sex opportunity has opened up. There is no dispute about the disputed territory of Kashmir, India announced this week. Your land, Kashmiris, is our land, it said. The Pakistani Army said it would go to any extent to help its Kashmiri sex. What do you want me to do, he said? Go to war with India? Modi his brother.

I follow one bit of paradise on Twitter. She posts about the progress of her students, and the health of her horses and dogs. The kashmir day: Arrived this evening. We are at 7, feet up in the middle of nowhere. The Times is committed to publishing a diversity of letters to the editor. Here are some tips. We have already done that four times, and we are not in the mood. A version of this article appears in print onSection A, Page 23 of the New York edition with the headline: Kashmir kashmir a Sex.