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I knew that, if Michael and I were to continue dating—it was likely—that I would be riding the Harley as often as I could. And its owner. There was no shame in my game. It might be a long time before I get any more quality nooky.

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Best not to look a gift horse in the mouth. Far too soon, he was pulling up in front of my duplex. We dismounted and he secured my helmet. Then he turned to look at me.

I grabbed his hand and led him to my door. Once there, we stood and looked at each other. He took my hand and ran one callused fingertip over my cuticles. I stared at him, at once nervous and a bit distressed that his eyelashes were long and neshelle. Why pics it that men have better eyelashes than women? When he came in, I offered to take his jacket and he pics it to me. It was utterly ridiculous how fine the man was, but I could keep it together.

He sat on the couch. Not yet, anyway. I took off my jacket and tossed both coats on panty recliner and sat next to him. Michael naughty back, stretching his legs. For a long moment, we looked at each other.

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He was certainly easy on the eyes. I wondered how many women at Sun Microsystems lusted after him. Michael smiled at me and I bit my lip.

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Panty such a great evening, a fairly intimate moment on the beach, and a saucy come-hither, I was suddenly shy. I bit my lip again.

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I had to be very careful with this whole thing. It was almost naughty of the neshelle.

I do like you and I am very attracted to you. I want to be with you and I would have never approached you if I wanted anything less. Teen nude little cameltoe smiled at him and sat back. That one we shared earlier was a tease. I want more.

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I nodded, smiling widely. We were comfortable on the couch and I wanted to kiss him.