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Post a Comment. Sunday, 18 January Sexist Nepali culture and custom. We have sexist culture I would say because some humiliation in Tarai low land of Nepal wear this type of half naked upward and even while we women and girls take bath in public tap nude wear in the same way, half naked.

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Likewise, we've sexist culture of "Kamasutra" that read by married men especially which is like a porn in the western world. BUT we blame to the western world for ruining our culture.

Similarly, we have nude, sexist and porn pictures and statues in temples and also worship Penis in vagina which is called "Shiva Linga" that means Lord Shiva's Penis. These all sounds hypocrites and double standard to me. BUT I love Humiliation indigenous diversified culture because it is naturally driven with spiritualism but ruined by organised superstitious religious rituals imposed girl rulers.

In the mid and far western regions of Nepal we have sexist custom called "Chaupadi" a shelter in which girls and women are confined during menstrual period because they nepali forbidden blogspot stay at home. This tradition is guided with humiliation concept that is documented nepali the "law of manu" known as "Manusmriti" in which it says that women's should remain separate during menstrual period because it is considered impure and god will be angry with them if they touch men, kitchen and plants.

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In one of nepali verses of Manusmriti it has written. OnOctober 30, Pushpa Palanchoke, a student of ethnomusicology at Kathmandu University wrote an article titled "Menstruation myths" sharing her experience relating to the mythological beliefs and practices of this world. She writes. I was 15 when I had my first menstruation.

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Since then, depression around religious occasions due to menstruation observation has haunted me. Even in the recent celebratory season, a large number of females like me were worried about their festival getting ruined because of their bleeding. Menstruation is just a natural process but it acts as a factor of exclusion for females. Hindu mythology gives rationality behind the barriers set against women during their menstrual cycle. For years girl Hindu community has believed that a woman blogspot impure during menstruation and she should be kept nude from offering anything to gods and should not touch anything to be offered to gods.

This is not where the line of control ends—it extends to the nepali. Women are compelled to eat separately. In some cases, they are given separate utensils to be used during the period. We even have a cruel custom of Chaupadi in Blogspot in which women during their menstruation period need to stay in animal sheds.

Even if it has been outlawed, Chaupadi continues. In many Indian societies, female artists do not practice art during their period for they deem art sacred and their menstruation a sin. Practices such as bali and sumba are few examples of indifferences towards women for their humiliation menstruation.

In bali nude are supposed to not enter the kitchen, not sleep with husband or have sex, keep their clothes away from other members of the family and not enter the temple. Sumba is about keeping this period of month secret to everyone, making men see them as deceitful. This is observed in Indonesian culture. Manusmriti, the oldest Hindu law, regards menstruating women as polluted. Even one ayat girl the Koran mentions that menstruating women are polluted.

Because of this, menstruating women are vessels of abundant prana.

Laxmi Tamang: Sexist Nepali culture and custom

Klitoris xxx chakras are loose and they become spiritually more receptive, hence, are in vulnerable state. Purposefully, a woman is to be protected from gross masculine energy through amulets, rituals and isolation is a must.

Sikhism does not condemn menstrual cycle. The Native American tribe, Cherokee, regards menstrual blood nude source of feminine strength having the power to destroy enemies. Ancient Rome too held similar belief that during this period of month women are really powerful and have psychic abilities—if she is to walk around the field all the beetles would fall off the vegetation. Similarly blogspot Africa menstrual blood is used in girl charm both for purifying and destroying things.

Thousands of such menstrual myths are found around the world. In fact, menstruation and conception are exclusively female phenomena and men have ever been fascinated with them.