Why are adult swim commercials so weird

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What's with the weird commercials? : adultswim

Don't fret, [adult swim] has adult metric fuck-ton emo girl mirror pic nude free content and streams on adultswim. The spam filter is sensitive. Message the mods if your post doesn't go through after five minutes, or if AutoMod removes your post. What's with the weird commercials? I was watching family guy on adult swim and there are these weird, creepy, symbolic commercials.

I was hoping someone could shed some light on them. I tried looking up one to link to but couldn't find any. I've not seen them, but I assume it means the commercials are worth watching more than Family Guy. If you're talking about the surreal, distorted bits they play during commercial breaks, I'm pretty sure why just to be weird.

Sort of a "Hey, look how strange and cool we are!

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Watch our shows so our advertisers will give us more money! Which isn't a bad thing; I enjoy them, especially when it breaks up 5 minutes of regular ads. I think that is a gross simplification.

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Yes, weird is a division of Turner Broadcasting. Yes, they are expected to turn a profit. However, I don't think the PR staff is wringing there hands together and saying anything like "we are weird and and obscure and therefore awesome.

The 26 Weirdest Adult Swim Shows Ever

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Adult Swim’s latest weird “infomercial” is deeply unsettling

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